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Eastern Sierra Conservation Program For Buyers

I list and help people buy land from Walker, Ca. South to Lone Pine, Ca.

Many of the parcels are large and are adjacent to Bureau of Land Management ( BLM ), and Forest Service land.

I spoke with the Eastern Sierra Land Trust about a program they want to start that would educate sellers and potential buyers of land about conservation easements and the tax benefits of buying and conserving a property.

This program is just beginning, but I would love to hear from any Realtors who participate or who have participated in a program like this in your community.

Has it been useful? Was it easy for all parties to the transaction? Was it time consuming? Were there any delays due to the local conservation easement program? What steps would you recommend when talking with someone about considering a conservation easements? Are there any drawbacks to the buyer?

You can contact me off of my website:

I look forward to hearing from you!